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Global Testimonies

Hong Kong, Macau, China, England and Africa - Joseph Ennin - , - Joseph Ennin have use Dance Instructors and Artiste referred by AUQE since 2006 and have just book AUQE artiste for the coming Macau Festival and Hong Kong Salsa Festival in March 2012.

USA - Edith Williams/Edie - - Engage Artiste from AUQE 2008 California

Maldives - Agnes Van Linden - Majaa Maldives , - Engage AUQE in Artiste 2007 and 2009

Malaysia - Lin - Malaysia Salsa Festival - Engage AUQE Artiste in 2010

England - World Salsa Competition - Engage AUQE Artiste 2008

Taiwan - Taiwan Salsa Association - Engage AUQE Artiste 2007, 2008 and 2011

China - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shanghai - Engage AUQE Artiste 2006 till 2011

India - Sandeep - 2009

Indonesia - 2010

Thailand -2004, 2005, 2008

Australia - 2009

New Zealand - Coming Soon

Japan - Coming Soon

Korea - Coming Soon

Canada - Coming Soon

Mexico - Coming Soon

Africa - Coming Soon

Russia - Coming Soon

Cuba - Coming Soon

Dubai - Coming Soon




Aceki Universal Qualification For Excellence (AUQE) is a Education Institution. It currently offers Diploma in dance , IHDC, IMDC and IPHDC certification.

AUQE History
AUQE foundation started in 2002. Its a division spin off from Aceki a dance school solution provider and products manufacturer, to study and offer solutions for dancers, teachers and dance school owner who wants to excel in the dance industry. AUQE is an education institution that provides training in various dance courses, ranging from individual dances like ballet, jazz, hip hop to popular partnerwork dances such as salsa, kizomba, zouk, latin ballroom, argentine tango.  AUQE currently offer more than 50 different genre of dance. We offer these training to dancers of all levels to provide them with a strong foundation and exposure, for possible career opportunities in the dance industry.

AUQE Student Dance School

Some of the AUQE students who have since came out to teach dance and start a dance school
Majaa Maldives

To Become a Leading Education Centre globally in this current era and be known and admired for our diversity and for the transformative impact we have on the lives of our students and on the communities we serve.

We aim to impart to our students the latest knowledge and practical experience to help them excel in their endeavours and are committed to deliver good quality education through constant research and development.

Target by 2013
AUQE Diploma in Dance is currently marketed and recognized by over twenty thousands dance establishments and potential employers in more than thirty five countries worldwide. We are working towards achieving a list of fifty thousands by  end of 2012.



AUQE Membership

  • AUQE IDIP, AUQE IHDC and the AUQE ETAC Professional Membership is marketed to over twenty thousands potential employer in the dance industry in over thirty five countries. AUQE differentiate itself from conventional Diploma and University Degree in Dance by having a big network of partners worldwide to do research and development to ensure quality education. AUQE have a specialize department to educate potential employer on the skill set of the AUQE members. Unprofessional work conduct by its member will be referred to the review committee for appropriate action. Members need to go through an Examination every five years to renew their membership so as to make sure they are kept educated on the latest knowledge in the industry. AUQE diploma and IHDC holder needs to take an admission examination and interview process to be granted the AUQE membership. The AUQE membership strive to be the quality and trust mark for Professional Artiste in the dance industry.
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