Transfer, Withdrawal, Deferment

Transfer / Withdrawal / Deferment Process

Wi  Withdrawal means the student contract is terminated and the student is no longer a student of the PEI.

·     Requests for withdrawal from course will be considered by the academic board and is subject to approval in the circumstances as described in Clause 2 and 3 in the PEI-Student Contract.

·     Transfer means a student changes the course of study but remains as a student of the PEI.  For an approved transfer request, the original student contract must be terminated and a new contract must be signed.

·     A change of module means the student remains in the course but changes the modules he has selected for the term.

·      Requests for transfer from course or a change in modules will be considered by the academic board and subject to approval in the following circumstances:

  • Within 1 month from course start date.
  • In the process of transfer or change, replacement classes will not be provided to the student for the classes missed.  The student can arrange private classes with instructors to catch up on classes missed.

·     Deferment means that the student wishes to put his courses and study on hold for a stipulated period of time (not longer than 6 months) and resume his training after that.

·     Request for transfer / withdrawal / change / deferment must be made in writing and submitted together with supporting documents to the training centre.

·     A $50 processing fee will be charged for a transfer / change / deferment in course or modules, as stated in Schedule 2.2 of the PEI-Student Contract.  Should the request be rejected, $25 will be returned to the student.

·     A Student who requests for transfer / withdrawal / deferment within the school, or request to transfer to another training centre shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the course and the same refund policy applies.

·     The student’s pass for international students will also have to be submitted back to the school to return to ICA.  Foreign students are required to surrender their Student's Pass cards for cancellation within 7 days from the date of cessation or termination of their study.

·     A Student who requests for a change in modules in the course shall be deemed to be still in the same course, with the same start and end dates of each term.  Any additional course fees will apply; no refund will be given for any reduction in course fees.

·     The school shall consider the validity of the reasons for transfer / withdrawal / change / deferment and make a decision and inform the student of the outcome within a maximum of 4 weeks after receiving such request.


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